120ml Bottle E Liquid in the Market


The bigger the better – this may not really apply to everything but it sure does apply to vaping. This is the reason why manufacturers are developing bigger batteries that have more power. This is also the reason why different companies are developing bigger vape mods in order to accommodate more batteries to give more power. The best example is the fact that we now have bigger vape juice bottles. Back then most of the juices are packed in 50ml bottles which is not really enough for an avid vaper. The good news is that the normal size for vape juices today is 65 ml and there are some that are making 120ml bottle e liquid.

Where to Buy

A lot of stores already supply 100 ml bottles to its clients, but not all of them have 120 ml bottles.

  1. The internet – the internet is definitely the place where you can buy anything. There are a lot of different vape juices and there are definitely 120 ml bottles. When buying, always remember to check the specifications since this is the part where most people make a mistake. You have to check the size of the bottle before checking out, and you have to check the nicotine levels. Once all these are done, then you may proceed.
  2. Big Vape Stores – there are so many new comers in the vaping business industry and this is a very good thing. However, not all of them already have 120 ml bottles. The bigger stores may have them so you should contact them before visiting. This will not be hard nowadays since a lot of businesses already have their own Facebook accounts.

The competition in the vaping industry provided us with these cheap options so we should keep on vaping to make things a lot better.